Just a note

Dear Readers,

I pray your week has started out well. I will be on vacation for the next few days.
In just a bit I am headed to S.C. to spend time with a girlfriend of mine.
While I'm gone I want you to know I have updated my About Me page.
Please feel free to read it and leave a comment. Thanks


Godsgalnj said…
Hope you have fun!! :)
blueviolet said…
I hope you have a wonderful time with your friend! :)

I love your message to satan!
Amy said…
Great about me page.. I feel I got to learn more about you and your family. Just letting you know there is a clock that covers up some of your writing. Have a great day.. Have a fun vacation..
LynnMarie said…
Enjoy your time with your friend. They are so important and are truly a gift.
Nicole said…
I hope you have a great trip and great time on your visit. I would love to go to SC!! One of my blogging friends from The Imperfect Wives lives in SC!

Have a safe trip!
I hope you are enjoying your time away. :)
Karen said…
Wonderful testimony!

Hope you enjoy your trip!
Sue said…
Have a nice vacation!

I read your about me page - thanks for sharing that :)

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