Sings my soul (July 16)

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Love the imagery and the words. God does speaks to us in so many ways. My husband had a cancer scare recently. Boy, did THAT get our attention! His tests and scans are clear, after a thorough check by an oncologist.

We prayed through it all for him to use us if it was. I think he did use us to get closer to him through the ordeal. What a blessing!
Michelle said…
Praise God for a good report Angelia!
Godsgalnj said…
i haven't heard this song in a very long time~ love it!! :) thanks for sharing!
Mary said…
OHHH I LOVE this song too and thanks for visiting my blog have a fantastic resat of your Saturday
Sara G said…
Thanks for sharing with us today! Have a blessed day!
Cathy said…
A great song, thanks for sharing it.
I love this song. It is the first one on my iPod when I run. Keeps me focused on the ways that God is speaking all around us.

Thank you Michelle.
Michelle said…
Thanks ladies!

This is my first time hearing this song.
I just happened upon it.
Glad you like it!

Have a great week!
Nana Jul said…
God sure does use what ever He wants to show us His power, His Glory. Our job is to keep our eyes peeled for Him moving!
Thanks for stopping by!
Michelle said…
You are so right Nana Jul!

God can use the what we think is the most insignificant thing to get our attention. We need always be aware of Him moving in our midst.

Thanks for stopping by!
blueviolet said…
I've never heard of it, so thank you for sharing this one!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Another great pick you did!
Michelle said…
Thanks Blueviolet and Alexis!

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