Wednesday Hodgepodge (April 6)

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1. National Read a Road Map Day falls on April 5th. Would people say you have a good sense of direction? Do you rely on a GPS when you drive somewhere new? When was the last time you used a map?
A- HA! I wish we had a GPS. I am very directionally challenged. I don't know how to read a map. So when I go somewhere new I have hubby drive me to the place the day before I actually need to go. Hopefully it's rather easy to find. Otherwise I won't remember the turns and such. However if hubby is driving us somewhere, I sit it in the back so our son can sit up front and give directions from a map.

2. What's your favorite cookbook? 
A-Well, I always cook from recipes. I don't know if I have one favorite cookbook. I enjoy cooking from recipes my mom has collected over the years (she gave me her collection). A few cookbooks I like are `Christmas with Family & Friends`(Gooseberry Patch) and `Best Ever Casseroles` (Gooseberry Patch). You may visit their blog at `Gooseberry Patch Blog`

3. What painting would you like to "walk into" and experience? Why? 
A- Can I get back to you on this one?

4. What annoys you more- misspellings or mispronunciations? 
A- misspellings! That's why I try to use a spellchecker.

5. What is something your mother or father considered important? 
A- Well this may not be the answer you wanted but my mom considered gardening important. She would be in her garden daily, for hours. She said this is when she felt closest to her Savior. However, she is at a point in her life where she can't tend a garden. She does have a few indoor plants. But it's not the same.

6. Do you like or dislike schedules? 
A- Schedules are ok.

7. Let's have some fun with National Poetry Month (that would be April)...write your own ending to this poem "Roses are Red, Violets are blue..." 
A- If you leave I will miss you
 8. Insert your own random thought in this space.
A- This has been a fun week visiting new bloggers through the 2011 Ultimate Blog Party. If you've missed it there is still time to join. Just click here for more details.   


Joyce said…
I love the jellybean background! I've never heard of Gooseberry Patch but I like new recipes so will check it out. Thanks for sharing the link!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Oh yes I try to always have the spell checker on because sometimes I type to fast and Lord only knows what I was trying to say .. lol.

I love that she felt that way while gardening :)
auburnchick said…
My mom has always loved gardening, so I did not find your answer strange. Are you a gardener too? The green thumb missed my, I'm afraid. I'm not overly gifted and really just don't have the time.

BTW, to answer the question you posed on my blog, the pay phone was at a gas station on a fairly main road, if I remember correctly. Thank goodness! That night had all of the makings for a kidnap-the-lost-teenage-girls crime. Whew!
Michelle said…
Hi auburnchick!

Unfortunately I the only skill I received from my mom was crocheting.
I wish I had paid more attention to gardening, especially the way the economy is.
Nanato4 said…
I don't have any Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, but I've seen them and think they have wonderful recipes. I'll have to go check out their blog.

Hope your Wednesday was a wonderful one!
Expats Again said…
Gardening! I did not have a mother who gardened and I am not much of a gardener. But I would have loved to know how to garden and I can see how she felt close to the Lord through the act of gardening. See...we learn something new everyday. Thank you for this answer.
Gardening is a very different answer. So do you enjoy it? I liked reading your answers, it's fun to see how everyone answers them. Enjoy the rest of your week.
Don't get lost!
coffee_pot said…
Enjoyed your hodgepodge post! Made me answer right along with you!! =)

I am now following and look forward to more!
just found you from the blog party.
Great BLOG!!!
Love the jelly bean background
Amy said…
I hope you have an amazing weekend..
Godsgalnj said…
There are some free Gooseberry patch cookbooks on Kindle - I have them downloaded but wasn't able to cook from them just yet. I have to wait until school's out for that.

Loved your answers to these questions! =)
Michelle said…
Hi Godsgalnj!

Thanks! I have them downloaded.
I am really enjoying my Kindle for PC.
Hahaha... I'm directionally challenged also! Everyone that knows me, knows that the best way to find out where to turn is to ask me. If I say turn right, they automatically turn left. And if I say turn left, they automatically turn right!
Sue said…
My grandparents always had a big vegetable garden. I think it was because they lived through the Depression.

Thanks for sharing - I'll check out that recipe blog. Sounds interesting.


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