Sings My Soul (April 16)

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Godsgalnj said…
These are both great songs! =) I really love love love the first one - beautiful words, beautiful singing, beautiful everything! The second song describes my life and prayer (I haven't heard it in awhile)- it's soo beautiful! I love Laura Story's voice! Thanks for posting these!

Have a blessed weekend!
Thena said…
Beautiful songs.
I keep hearing the 2nd one on the radio, it's words are so true.
Have a blessed week!!!
Madonna said…
I love God has a plan for me. I hadn't heard it before but love the words and the message. Thanks for sharing
GodsOwn/Bernice said…
I enjoyed and was blessed by both songs!
Have an great weekend.
The harmonies in the 1st song are excellent. And the second is beautifully sung to amazing pictures. I really enjoyed them. :-)
Karen said…
Very good songs. Laura Story is one of my favorites! This one was new to me. Thank you. Have a great weekend.
Alene said…
WOW - thanks for sharing. Beautiful!
Lisa notes... said…
This is the second song I’ve heard from Laura Story and I love this one too. Glad to see a new artist on the scene that I can follow.

I walk in the power of “his daily sufficient grace” – so thankful for that!
Thanks for stopping by Jewelry4Change for the Then Sings My Soul Saturday video. :)

I've been away at a Women's Retreat... seeking His face and walking in His grace... as the song says. Now home and checking out the videos.

Both of these songs are new to me. Thanks for sharing!
Cathy said…
That song by Laura is so pretty. I recently got to meet her after a wonderful concert at the mall. Blessings ~
Wow...beautiful. Thanks for sharing these!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

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