Wednesday Hodgepodge - March 23

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1. Sunday was the first day of spring. So they say. Ahem.
What is your favorite outdoor springtime activity?

A- I don't do much outdoor activities. But lately I've been dreaming of going camping. I do enjoy sitting outside while I read.

2. Who would you want to come into your kitchen to cook dinner for you?
A- Ok, these are hard questions today. I don't watch cooking shows so I really don't know much about them. Perhaps I would choose my mom. She has given me most of the recipes she's collected over the years and the only thing to top that is have her cook them.  

3. When did you last fly a kite?
A- Bwahahaha....I had to laugh because every time I've tried flying a kite it didn't make it far off the ground. If someone got it flying for me it didn't take long for it to flop to the ground.

4. What topic puts you to sleep faster than anything? 
A- the stock market....which I know nothing about

5. Which flowers do you associate with specific people, places, or events?
A- I think I mentioned before I know nothing about flowers. When I see certain flowers that my mom used to grow it makes me think of her. She was quite the gardener.

6. What significant historical events took place during your elementary school days?
A- Neil Armstrong's famous speech "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

7. Do you swear? Do you pseudo-swear? (You know crap, shoot, friggin'?)
A- Sometimes

8. Insert your own random thought here.
A- I am so excited my son recently passed the GED test with flying colors. Now on to bigger and better things. 


Joyce said…
Congratulations to your son! Lots of people have chosen 'non-famous' chefs today : )
We don't camp anymore but we do get the cabin in the woods each summer. I can't hike so all I do is sit and read, it's the best! I said my mom but I never really had the opportunity for her to teach me how to cook :( I remember the moon landing, I was just out of HS.
Congratulations to your son for passing the GED.
Melinda said…
I would definitely choose my mom and sisters to cook with too - it's all about the laughter and fun! :) And reading outside sounds wonderful! (Today we have a wind chill factor!)
Debbie said…
Congrats to your son!
And I could have a long list of folks to come cook my dinner. Just anyone would be an improvement:)
Amy said…
If Spring ever really comes I would love to head to the park for sure.. I hope to do that soon..

Have a great night..
blueviolet said…
I like sitting outside while reading too. However I often get distracted and start watching the birds, etc.
Cathy said…
I love sitting outside and reading and also playing on my laptop.

Congrats to your son!!!
Congrats to your son! Spring has been here or a while now,but in south florida it's always spring or summer. :)
Sue said…
Love these posts. & your answers!

We love camping as a family - it's so much fun!

Have a great day :)
Congratulations to you son on his success!!

I'm not much of an outdoors (wo)man either - my idea of roughing it is camping in my travel trailer and not having cable hook up. But there is something about sitting in the sun with a cool breeze blowing that puts me in a trance!
Mighty M said…
Congrats to your son - that is great news!

I don't fly kites either. Same problem. :)
Amy said…
Have a great weekend!
Oh man, I don't like the stock market either. All that math and numbers gives me a headache!

Congrats to your son!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Congrats to your son! Yeah!!

Neil Armstrong now that is a day you'll never forget :)

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