Review: CSNStores Kellen Winslow Jr. Silver Coin Card

                Imagine my son's surprise when I told him he could pick the next item for review. He searched the CSNStores NFL site to find the perfect item. He finally decided on the Highland Mint's Kellen Winslow Jr. Silver Coin Card.
                When I asked him why he picked this item he said it contained the matched coin featuring Kellen Winslow Jr. of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
                 The pack consists of a larger version of a standard sports collectors card with an action photo on the front and statistics and personal information on the back, embedded into a plastic card holder. There is a limited edition silver plated medallion with a smaller color photo of Kellen Winslow Jr. and an inscription on front and back side.
                  As my son is an avid collector of both sports cards and coins this may prove to be a valuable addition to his collections. It is sure to increase in value over the years.
                 If you or your child enjoys collecting sports memorabilia you can find similar items with a wide variety of teams to choose from at CSNStores. 
                 For the sports fan on your gift list it can be a good alternative to the usual items available in retail stores.

Disclaimer: I received a $30 GC from CSNStores toward any product for review.


blueviolet said…
I had no idea that they had sports memorabilia at CSN. Is there anything they don't have?
Michelle said…
Hi blueviolet!

With CSN having 200+ online stores you could probably buy just about anything.
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Oh goodness with all these boys in our house they are all sports fan. I'm so out #'d ... lol.

Love the review and CSN is one of my favorite places.
Amy said…
What a great review. I am happy he got a great coin. Yeah I am almost there with our baby boy. Have a great day!
I've looked through their site for hours it seems and I didn't know they had them either!
Michelle said…
Thank you all for leaving such kind comments.
I am glad I was able to introduce CSNStores sports line to you.
CSN has everything, don't they?
Michelle said…
Hi Debby,

They sure have a lot in their 200+ stores.
Sue said…
Great find for your son. Glad he could get what he wanted :)

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