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Shay said…
I look forward to actually hearing the music as my speakers were off - but I love the words! Thanks for sharing...
Karen said…
Lovely video and song! Thank you.
Lisa notes... said…
Very appropriate for this week! We've had so much snow--highly unusual for us. But thankfully God coming in is NOT unusual. Thanks for sharing.
Godsgalnj said…
Great song! first time hearing it =)
Some of the concepts they mentioned in this video - I was reading that in the scripture last night at family prayers...How God's voice wasn't in the whirlwind or the earthquake. God's voice is still. Small. Hidden.

Have a blessed weekend! =)
Nicole said…
I haven't heard this one before either. Thank you so much for sharing! Hearing a lot of 'new to me' songs today! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my place! :)

Sorry it's been so long since I have stopped by. Actually not been on the computer as much lately. It's kinda nice!
Really LOVE this. Heard it on Christian radio this year. Such a beautiful song. But I hadn't taken the time to really LISTEN to the lyrics. Thanks for sharing it!

Thank you for your comment today. I pray to hear those words from the father.
This is one of my new favorite Christmas songs. Thanks for posting!
first time hearing it, lovely song, thank you for sharing
Hazel said…
It's beautiful!
I hadn't heard this before. Beautiful!
Pia said…
what a beautiful song... i enjoyed listening to it.
Cathy said…
That is so pretty. Thanks for sharing it.

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