Our Snow Day~January 2011

We woke up to 4" of snow, closing of schools and no work for hubby.
How is your weather?

Gather a big bowl of clean snow
Add some powdered sugar, capful vanilla, a bit of milk
Stir til mixed well. Serve and Enjoy!


blueviolet said…
We're not getting any of that! No fair!
We are a little cool today but no snow. Wow, it sure does look pretty. I have never tried that snow cream, it sounds interesting.
Alicia said…
Look at that snow!! It's been really cold here in CA, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.
Sue said…
Never heard of "snow cream" - interesting.

We are going to get it later tonight. Maybe 12 inches of snow here!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
We're suppose to get hit hard tonight and they are prodicting no school ... ugh. Since I work from home that does nothing good for me ... :)

Snow Cream yum ;)
Amy said…
Thanks for entering my giveaway.. We have had snow all day off and on today.. It is nice when you can be home... Have a great day.. Good luck..
We've been socked pretty hard with snow. Two days straight! And no school either day. I think tomorrow will be better.

It's made a mess of the roads, but is it ever beautiful!
Godsgalnj said…
I love the snow =D; we got around 6 inches or so last night =) Enjoyed the pictures! Slipping on the ice is the bad part =( but I hope that you all enjoyed a day of relaxation! =)
Much of our snow melted finally today. I have never made snow cream but heard so many people talking about this snow week! Have a blessed weekend!

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