Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - January 31

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Our boys love to pop Bubble Wrap. I believe it is a great stress reliever for them. I even enjoy popping it for just that reason. I did not realize there is a day set aside to appreciate Bubble Wrap.There's even a Bubble Wrap online game which you can find by clicking here. For more fun & games, a gift shop and more click here.

Did you know:
(1) Remember whoopy cushions? Use Bubble Wrap for the same effect.
(2) Use on door knobs as a cushion between the knob and the wall.
(3) Use in your purse to cushion your personal items.
(4) Use Bubble Wrap as a cushion for snowboarding.
(5) Use in Easter baskets instead of fake grass.
(6) When packing, wrap fragiles in Bubble Wrap for protection.
(7) Make a kite using Bubble Wrap.

Disclaimer: I gained this information from BubbleWrapFun.com through the BlogEnergizer program. I was not compensated in any way.

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Godsgalnj said…
I love bubble wrap - my whole family loves popping them from time to time. I didn't know that there was a whole day set aside for that! Thanks for the links =)

Have a blessed Monday!
Sue said…
Love popping bubble wrap! Fun!
Amy said…
OH how fun.. I love bubble wrap.. Have a great day..
blueviolet said…
No matter the age, it's just plain fun!
Fun post. Love the bubble wrap game! Thanks for all the information.
Lea said…
Oh, my goodness, I love, love Bubble Wrap but certainly did not know that there was a special day set aside for it. How cool!

Enjoyed stopping by and will probably see you tomorrow for Hodgepodge Wednesday. Blessings!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Hehe my boys love bubble wrap. It's like a fight who can get it first when mom gets something in the mail :)
Madonna said…
I love to pop bubble wrap. Now that I know it has its own holiday I think I will start to plan bubble wrap parties for it :)

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