4th Edition Bloggiesta

Natasha of `Maw Books Blog` is hosting the 4th Edition Bloggiesta for bloggers.
This is a time for bloggers to get their blog in order.
It runs from Friday January 21st (8am) to Sunday January 23 (8am)

What is a Bloggiesta?
It is a bloggy marathon.

What to do now?
Go to `Maw Books Blog`and sign the Mr. Linky letting Natasha know you intend to join.

What can you do during the Bloggiesta?
The idea is to challenge yourself, but you can take breaks.

(1) Write reviews

(2) Work on series posts

(3) Put out invitations for guest posts.

(4) Clean up your tags, archives, etc.

(5) Any bloggy type housekeeping you've been neglecting

There will also be mini-challenges offered

When you start the challenge visit `Maw Books Blog` and go to the `starting line` post and add the link to your specific post about beginning the challenge.


Jen said…
Good luck with this challenge!! I wanted to stop by and say hello!! Thank you for all your sweet and wonderful comments!! They mean the world to me!! I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog!!

blueviolet said…
A little housekeeping is good for everyone!
That sounds pretty interesting.
Amy said…
That sounds like a great idea.. Good luck...
Alicia said…
What a great idea!!!
JamericanSpice said…
Sounds interesting. I'd love to clean up myy tags. I try not to get tag happy but I'm sure there a a fre that needs changing/deleting etc.
Theresa said…
Michelle, your comments on my blog are so inspiring and encouraging and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate them. You are such a blessing.

Have a great day!
Michelle said…

Thank you so much for your kind comments. I wish you luck on your journey of a lifetime!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Oh yes I need to clean up so much :)

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