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My friend Amy of Keeping up with the Schultz Family has a fun Thanksgiving tag posted.
I like it so I decided to play along, hope you will too.

Answer the questions below then tag a friend or two to and join in... 
Do not forget to let others know who tagged you... 

Do you like to cook your own Thanksgiving meal or go some place?
I like to get a packaged meal deal that all I have to do is heat and serve.

Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, or Pecan Pie for dessert?
It's a toss between Pumpkin and Pecan.
Whip cream, definitely
  What is your favorite side dish  to eat on Thanksgiving?
candied sweet-potatoes
What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
Being with friends eating and playing games for hours
What are your Thanksgiving plans this year? 
We are traveling to Florida to see friends and family
What are you Thankful for this year?
My family is healthy and my hubby has a job
I tag these friends: 

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Amy said…
I am so happy you played along. I was happy to have you do this. Have a safe trip and a very Happy Thanksgiving..
blueviolet said…
I like to cook but this year we're going to Cracker Barrel.

I like pumpkin pie and apple pie!

I like cheesy potatoes as a side dish!

I am so happy when I'm with both of my kids on Thanksgiving. I won't be with either of them this year. :(

I will be without family this year, just with my boyfriend. (Because I moved)

I'm thankful for the health of my family and friends.

Thanks for tagging me! That was fun!
Thanks for the tag! If I don't get too involved in the kitchen tomorrow prepping for Thanksgiving, I hope to get it posted on my blog. I'll let you know! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe trip!

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