Count Down to Thanksgiving

This week I am offering my readers a Thanksgiving Your Way e-book.
Over fifteen bloggers have come together to provide you with recipes, traditions and decorating ideas.
This rich 64 page e-book has tips on thawing and carving a turkey, along with Dinner and Dessert recipes.
You'll want to be sure to look for the helpful printables which include, but not limited to: Baking Planner, Master
To-Do List, and Guest list.
Disclaimer: I received this information free from BlogEnergizer to distribute to my readers.

I am linking this post up to Amy's Round Robin.
Please visit Keeping up with the Schultz Family for more participants.


Godsgalnj said…
I skimmed through this e-book and can't wait to use some of the recipes (I thought the cupcakes using the candy corn was especially cute - maybe because I'm partial to candy corn, lol) and I love love love the crafts and the offered printables! =D

Thank you!

Have a blessed week!
Debbie said…
Wow. That is great!
blueviolet said…
Talk about helpful!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
Oh thank you my dear I always love any help I can get!
Alexis AKA MOM said…
I down loaded this and I'm so excited, thanks again!
Amy said…
Thanks for linking this up.. It looks like this is something that many of my readers will need to use. Thanks for sharing this.. Have a great weekend..
Brandi said…
This is a great idea! :)
Karen said…
What a neat thoughtful of you to share it!
Holly said…
What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing this!
Steve Finnell said…
you are invitedto follow my blog

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