Fall into Jesus at Internet Cafe

Great giveaways at Internet Cafe!!
Internet Cafe has two bundles of items they are giving away.
The first bundle consists of:
Jewelry, a book, a Bible study and some music to listen to.
The second bundle consists of: 
Something to wear, something to watch and something to read.
What a great way to begin Fall.
But hurry this giveaway ends today October 28, 2010.
Be sure and enter at Internet Cafe.


Beth E. said…
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, entering the giveaway, and becoming a follower...you've made my day!

I'm glad you liked the Jiffy Pop video on Lisa's blog. She's a wonderful woman of God!

Melissa G. said…
Hi Michelle, thanks for the comment on my post today.

And thanks for sharing this giveaway with us!
blueviolet said…
I hope you win something, my friend!
Amy said…
I wish you the best of luck to win. Have a great weekend..
Debra Kaye said…
Thank you for this great giveaway information.

God bless you!
Melissa said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like your blog. I enjoided reading the answers to your 4 questions. It made me want to answer them myself.

God Bless you,

Amy said…
Happy Halloween..
Thanks for Alyce's Birthday wish...

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