Ways to SURVIVE Tough Times!!

In this day and age most everyone is going through tough times.
So I thought I would list some ways to cope.

(1) Go sit by a quiet lake, stream, or brook.
(2) Look at photo albums, remember the good times.
(3) Learn a new hobby.
(4) Read a good book.
(5) Crochet, knit or make a quilt.
(6) Sip some hot tea.
(7) Turn up your praise music and worship the LORD.
(8) Watch a funny movie.
(9) Eat some chocolate.
(10) Read your favorite blogs
(11) Go for a long drive in the country.
(12) Watch a sunset with that favorite person.

(13) Do something new

How do you cope?


Debra Kaye said…
Michelle, these are all excellent ideas! I do a bunch of them, especially going by water. I'm at such peace there. I know the march and ceremony finished at 3:40 ish and we Army moms were up praying until it was posted, but no, individually, I don't know how my son did. Thank you for asking and thank you for your prayers. God bless you!
Godsgalnj said…
I do many of the things you've listed...

Other things I do to destress are:
- clean something
- journal
- surf the net
- have some "just me" time
- bake something

Linda said…
I do all of those...except 3, 5, and 9.

Not one with a lot of hobbies, can't crochet or knit...and can't eat chocolate. (:>) But all the rest help me a lot.
LivinOurDash said…
These are great! My favorite way to de-stress is to get lost in a good book.
A Joyful Chaos said…
Great ideas! I find that singing hymns and reading Psalms really help me have a positive outlook.

I also enjoy bloghopping!
Amy said…
A nice hot bath is my time to relax. Yeah if a person does not want to follow you publicly then there link does not come up boo.
Amy said…
yes, those cookies do rock.. yummy..
Karen said…
Thanks for these ideas, Michelle. I enjoy finding songs on You Tube with the lyrics printed and singing along or watching a worship service on the internet. (I don't have TV) I also think that washing dishes the old fashioned way in a sink of hot soapy water is relaxing!

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