Ways To REDUCE Stress...

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In my last post I asked how do you cope in the tough times.
I had some great responses and thought I would list a few more ways.

Hopefully these can help just one person.

(1) Slowly swing on a porch swing.
(2) Swim, take a walk, try some yoga.
(3) Get a massage.
(4) Relax with a cup of hot tea.
(5) Have a relaxing meal using candles.
(6) Declutter your home.
(7) Eat a healthy meal.
(8) Take a long bubble bath.
(9) Cuddle a baby.
(10) Work in the garden.
(11) Visit a friend.
(12) Go on a weekend get-away

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Godsgalnj said…
I love love love the first one! It's been soo long since I've swung on a swing...

I like getting massages, too.

Thanks for sharing these! Although I didn't light candles for a meal today, I did light some earlier and I felt some much needed peace.

Holly said…
Swinging is a great one. The feeling of flying through the air definitely reduces my stress. Working in the garden is amazing too.
Debbie said…
I also love the porch swing one! I think there are very few things as lovely as a porch swing.
Amy said…
yes, that is a list that will help for sure... thanks for my well wishes.. have a great night..

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