Time For Change...

As I flip the calendar over for a new month I'll also be making some changes of my own.
It's time to exchange my summer clothes for winter clothes, I'll be blogging less (not daily),
I'll be finishing up the `Read the Bible in 90 Days` project (4 weeks to go), I'll be doing a
Bible study with the ladies at church (`Experiencing God`).

What will you be doing this month?


Kisma said…
I have decided to volunteer or try to at my church youth group to encourage my son to join as well. Something positive and good for us both.

I am ready for winter!!!

Have a great week!
Michelle said…
That sounds wonderful!!

Thanks for stopping by :)
Godsgalnj said…
I'm getting ready for school to reopen tomorrow, keeping me tied up until December! I should start bringing the coats out soon! I'd like winter to arrive, but I'm not willing to give up my vacation days just yet (I only have a couple of hours left...of vacation).

That's a great project - and very beneficial! I wish I could listen in on your bible study. Have a blessed time of change!

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