Menu Plan Monday

I am so glad my Mom taught me about menu planning and grocery lists.
I remember my mom scheduling her grocery trips so she could hit 3 grocery stores in one day.
Actually I thought it was a waste of time and gas, but she swore she saved money.
Well I guess I follow in here footsteps a bit, as I go to two stores.
Anyhoo, here is a list of what we are eating this week.
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Monday: Zesty Sausage and Rice
Tuesday: Beef and Lima Bean Dinner
Wednesday: Kielbasa Skillet Stew
Thursday: American Country Fare
Friday: Top-of-the-stove beans with Italian sausage

What Are You Eating This Week?

1 comment:

Kisma said...

My mother in law swears by the need to shop at five different stores because she shops the ads. For some it works,

for me... its maddening as I am a one stop girl. There are two stores I go to, one usually carries everything I need, the other is because its close and convenient.

This menu of yours sounds really good. Thanks for sharing.