Random Survey Sunday

I saw this survey on `a belle, a bean & a chicago dog` who in turn led me to `It's Blogworthy`
So I thought this would be great for a laid back post on Sunday. Enjoy!!

3 favorite drinks…
1.Sweet Tea
2. Water
3. Strawberry Milkshake

3 places I have been…
1. Knoxville, TN  
2. Birmingham, AL
3. Myrtle Beach, S.C. 

3 places I would like to visit…
1. Switzerland
2. Italy
3. Nicaragua

3 fave retro TV shows…
1. Little House on the Prarie
2. Andy Griffith
3. Waltons

3 fave dishes…
1. Spaghetti
2. Shrimp Cocktail
3. B. B. Q Chicken

3 things I am looking forward to…
1. Spending a week at a friend's house
2. Visiting family
3. ?

3 people I am tagging…
1. Amy
2. Tami   
3. Rita


One 2 Try said…
How Fun! I will try to get this up sometime this week. Thanks for including me.

Amy said…
I will so do this tag when I get back home and do it.. Thanks for the tag..

Have a great Sunday..
Momma Such said…
I read several of these the other day. I love reading these and getting to know the bloggers better. Thanks for sharing! :)

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