Crafters and Kids FREE Crochet E-Book

I love crocheting, kid friendly and FREE!!
When I received the e-mail from BlogEnergizer  about this free Crochet E-book 
I thought my readers would enjoy it as well.
In this e-book you'll find 13 crochet stitches and 10 free crochet patterns.
One of the things that makes this ebook great for beginners and kids is the pictures!
You can see how the stitches and finished products should look.
So hurry on over and GRAB your e-book today! 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way from All Free Crochet or BlogEnergizer  for passing along this information.


Amy said…
I will have to tell my friend about this..

Have a great day..
Holly said…
How fun...I have some friends that crochet...I will pass it along. I want to crochet...I bought all the stuff. I do knit...crochet is next!
Debra Kaye said…
Thanks for this info! Sounds neat!

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