The Adventure Begins...

The Adventure Begins Giveaway!

I wanted to let my readers know about a "sweet" contest that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Amanda Bennett have teamed up together to bring you. They are introducing a new product called Download N Go
To learn more about the contest `Enter Here`

There is also a code to use for 20% off multiple packs of Download N Go
The code is: DNG20PKS
Just use that code at checkout.

You may also follow reviews by clicking here

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine or Amanda Bennett. I am merely passing this information along.


Jingle said…
how thoughtful u r.
Good Luck!
Happy Saturday!
Amy said…
wow that sounds great..

Have a great Sunday..
Amy said…
have an amazing day..
Sounds neat. Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend, too!

Faith Imagined said…
Thanks for the info! I am off to check it out.
Sharra said…
Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you!

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