Peter Rabbits Family Recipes

Just in time for spring and Easter, here is a little cookbook for my readers.
It’s based on Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and contains The Story of Peter Rabbit, as well as 9 recipes which were inspired by the foods mentioned in the story.
Peter Rabbit’s Family Recipes was written with several educational elements incorporated. For example, when using with children you could match the recipes to the story characters, sort the recipes by the order they were listed in the story, list the foods that different characters have in common, prepare the recipes, and the list just goes on.
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Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way from  Kit Singleton. I am merely passing along the information.


Amy said…
Thanks for the link..

Have a great day..
Alicia said…
Thank you! My youngest read that last year!
Michelle said…
Your welcome.
I hope you enjoy the recipes.

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