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Thought my readers would like a 1915 Souvenir California Raisin recipe book.
But, first off here are some fun facts about the California Raisin.

1912: The California Associated Raisin Company, a new grower-owned cooperative, was formed.

1914: The `Sun-Maid` name was originated and used in the California Associated Raisin Company's advertising.

1916: Packages of seedless raisins began to use the California Associated Raisin Company's new Sun-Maid trademark; a smiling girl carrying a basket of grapes appearing on a red background. The infamous `red-box` was born. Sun-Maid advertises its raisins as a `true fruit-food.`

1922: The California Associated Raisin Company changes its name to Sun-Maid Raisin Growers of California.

1923: Beloved American artist, Norman Rockwell, creates a number of paintings that were utilized in Sun-Maid advertising.

1930's: Sun-Maid delivers a flavor and health message that targets women.

1940's: Sun-Maid touts favorite American desserts in advertising, including: Raisin Pie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Raisin Layer Cake and Raisin Bread Pudding. Sun-Maid raisins are positioned as a healthy snack that provides energy.

1950's: Sun-Maid helps consumers find ways to add more flavor to traditional recipes by incorporating raisins in dishes such as puddings, breads, cookies and pies. In 1956, the Sun-Maid trademark undergoes a second modification, emphasizing the Sun-Maid girl.

1960's: Sun-Maid delivers a holiday "season's best cookies" message during the holidays.

1970's: In 1970, the Sun-Maid trademark undergoes a third modification, bringing the Sun-Maid Girl to the center of the package.

1980's: Sun-Maid introduces a convenient carton, and the California Raising Board introduces the "Dancing Raisins."

1990's: Sun-Maid commemorates the 100 year anniversary of Yosemite National Park by utilizing a photo from renowned American artist Ansel Adams in print advertising.

2000-2005: Sun-Maid develops "natural kids" print campaign and shares kid-friendly recipes with consumers. In 2003, Sun-Maid packaging undergoes another change, a fresh grape and raisin vignette is added.

2006: In honor of the Sun-Maid Girls 90th birthday, Sun-Maid will give her a digital makeover to take on an animated form in nationwide, television commercial's.

You may grab your 1915 Souvenir California Raisin recipe book by clicking here.

I was not compensated in any way from Sun-Maid. I am merely passing this information along.


Alicia said…
Great info, Michelle!! And thank you for the link!
Karen said…
Thanks for the link...

My sweet granddaughter used to say..."when I grow up, I want to be the raisin lady..."
Lindy MacDuff said…
Interesting and informative timeline. Thanks for the link, too.


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