I'm a Blog Winner

Thanks to Natalie of `The Adventures of Paul & Natalie` I feel blessed today.
I've recently met her because of a Valentine giveaway she was doing.
I didn't win anything on her blog during the giveaway, but congrats to those who did.
However I did win this awesome award from Natalie. Thank you Natalie.
Now I am to tell you 7 things about me and I'm to pass this award on.
I am going to change things a bit. Instead of passing this award on to 7 bloggers...
If you are a blogger reading my blog please accept this award as a `BIG` thank you for reading my blog.
Now for the 7 things about me:

(1) I own 3 cats: K.K., Smokey & Mr. M`Now
(2) Smokey likes to sleep in our bed
(3) I call my mom everyday, we are the bestest of friends
(4) I am a Christian
(5) I love to blog
(6) I love spaghetti, yet rarely fix it
(7) I love to collect recipes


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