Revive the Family

Mothers are the want of this unhappy world,
Especially as the onslaughts at the family are hurled!
It is sad that in many ways the mother has become
A stranger in the life of her daughter and son.

Humanist deception is the reason and blinded by its lies
The families are suffering, can you not hear their cries?
It’s our precious children of such tender years
Whose lives are being ruined, can you not see their tears?

And so we ask for your help to build and restore
The honor of the family, ordained by God’s law,
To encourage godly parents to be the heroes in our land,
Won’t you generously dig deeper and give a helping hand?

Publishing costs money; without your aid we cannot print,
With postage and shipping, it adds up to a mint!
But as we work together to build God’s way in the nation,
We’ll birth a great revival in true family restoration!

A poem which Val Stares, Above Rubies Director in Australia, wrote a few years ago.


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