Prayer Blanket

My DIY is a `Prayer Blanket` I made. Sorry about quality of picture.
It usually takes me about 1-2 weeks to finish a `Prayer Blanket`.
While I am making it I pray for the specific person I am giving it to.
I use about 9-10 skeins of yarn.
I only know the Granny square, so it’s actually one big Granny Square.
The only variety is the color of yarn.
These blankets have gone to elderly who are homebound, people who have lost significant others, and just because.
Many people tell me I should sell them because my stitches are done so precise.
I do not wish to sell them. I plan to continue praying for others and surprising them, after it’s made.
No one knows they are getting one until I hand it to them and say `I’ve been praying for you`
Have a wonderful day.

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Tara said…
Thanks for sharing and linking up with Trendy Treehouse! I love the story behind your Prayer Blankets!!!
Ms Bibi said…
I love your blanket story. it is so sweet.

Thank you for coming by.
what a beautiful idea! <><
Amy O'Neill said…
Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

Love this idea. I am sure those who you make the blankets for are so appreciative!

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