Introduce Yourself Day

Welcome to Introduce Yourself Day, brought to you by  Trisha at MomDot.
I'd like to thank my readers for stopping by.
Perhaps you'd like to know a little bit about me!?
I got this idea from Desiree at `Writing to Sanity`
I'll try not to bore you...

(1) I have salt & pepper hair (mostly salt)
(2) I’ve worn glasses for a long time, my $10 reading glasses work better for reading.
(3) I have brown eyes.
(4) I am the youngest of 4 kids.
(5) I have three boys.
(6) My birthday is December 21.
(7) I was married August 7, 1988
(8) I am shy at first, but I usually end up being a social butterfly in most situations.
(9) I love to spend time with people I am close to.
(10) I am a republican
(11) I'm a stay-at-home mom
(12) I love the smell of freshly cut grass.
(13) I have 3 cats.
(14) I’m a packrat.
(15) I am predominantly right-handed.


Night Owl Mama said…
we have a lot of the same traits
Joyful said…
I'm so glad you stopped by.
I love your picture.
It's always fun to find new friends.
Great list! I see we're both packrats. Let us never be roommates, then. LOL!
Sheri said…
Ah so that is who you are! :0) You forgot to put that you are a great cyber friend, a prayer warrior and a southern peach!

Joyful said…
Sheri, you are too funny. And sweet too.
Thanks for the comment luv. Appreciate it!
Joyful said…
I don't think we could be house roomies either. LOL
We really need a bigger house with all `my` stuff.
Of course I've had to save all my babies artwork, school work, pictures....

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