Family Friendly

A family movie viewing guide! Please note: The movies listed are of my opinion. Use your own discretion in viewing any listed movie.
Favorites for kiddos:
(1) The Magic School Bus `Hops Home`
(2) The Magic School Bus `Taking Flight`
(3) Sesame Street `Visits the Hospital`
(4) Focus on the Family `McGee Out Of Control`
(5) `Charlotte’s Web`
(6) `Trap on Cougar Mountain`
(7) `Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory`
(8) Focus on the Family `Breakout`(The Story Keepers)
(9) Focus on the Family `Raging Waters` (The Story Keepers)
(10) Little House on the Prairie `The Lord is me Shepherd`
(11) Michael Landon’s `A Horse from Heaven` (Father Murphy)
(12) VeggieTales `Dave & the Giant Pickle`
(13) VeggieTales `The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s`
(14) VeggieTales `Are You My Neighbor?`
(15) VeggieTales `The Toy that saved Christmas`
(16) Veggietales `Madame Blueberry`
(17) VeggieTales `Larry Boy! & the Fib from outer space!`
(18) veggietales `Larry Boy and the Rumer Weed`
(19) VeggieTales `Lord of the Beans`
(20) VeggieTales `Minnesota Cuke`
(21) VeggieTales `Larry Boy and the Bad Apple`
(22) VeggieTales `Josh and the Big Wall`
(23) VeggieTales `The Ballad of Little Joe`
(24) Adventures in Odyssey `Once Upon an Avalanche`
(25) Adventures in Odyssey `Shadow of a Doubt`
(26) Adventures in Odyssey `Star Quest`
(27) Adventures in Odyssey `Electric Christmas`
(28) `Stuart Little`
(29) `The Incredible Journey`
(30) Focus on the Family `Twister and Shout` (McGee and Me)
(31) Disney `Buzz Lightyear of Star Command` (The Adventure Begins)
(32) Focus on the Family `Mystery Lights of Navajo Mesa` (Last Chance Detectives)
(33) `The Adventures of Timmy Tooth`
Great flix for teens:
(1) `The Robe`
(2) `Lost in Space (Classic Sci-Fi Adventure Series)
(3) Disney `The Cat from Outer Space`
(4) Disney `D2 The Mighty Ducks`
(5) `Left Behind` (the movie)
(6) `Tribulation Force` (Left Behind II)
(7) `Revelation` (from producers of Left Behind)
(8) `The Waterboy` (Adam Sandler movie)
(9) `End of the Spear`
(10) Disney’s `George of the Jungle`
(11) `Free Willy`
(12) The Passion of the Christ`
For Mom:
(1) Leslie Sansone weight loss series `Walk Strong` (Walk Away the Pounds)
(2) Leslie Sansone walk at home `Walking down your Blood sugar`
(3) Leslie Sansone Walk the Walk `2 Complete Workouts` (1 mile & 2 mile indoor walking)


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