`City of Refuge`

What was the most meaningful to me in 2009?

City of Refuge outreach trip this coming Saturday to Atlanta, GA. You need to be at the church Saturday morning NO LATER THAN 7AM. Please dress casually and warmly.
Saturday will involve our participation in one of their Super Saturdays for children at City of Refuge.  These are children who are bused in from the surrounding housing projects. There will be lots of kids in need of attention — some  in need of nothing more than hugs & smiles and comfortable laps to sit on. Some will want to just talk to someone because they don’t get much of that at home.  Others will want to color and draw. You can jump in there and just participate with them. Then there will be all kinds of  indoor sports activities for them that morning. By the way, it will all be done inside in very nice facilities.  At some point in the morning we will join them for a kids service conducted by their children’s pastor and the team there. This will be followed by lunch preparations by our team. Once lunch is ready, we will serve it to the children.


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